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Easy-to-use, large display smartphone with big buttons with medical apps released in 2014.
A phone manufactured by Samsung (one of the most reliable smartphone companies), with built-in simple medical applications to help you.

Greatcall Jitterbug Touch 3 Features

  • Android
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • 4 inch easy-to-use touchscreen (480x800)
  • Easy to type
  • Simple menu
  • Hearing aid compatibility (M4/T4 training)
  • 1-Touch SOS medical alert button
  • Built-in apps for health: 5Star Medical Alert, Urgent Care to access nurses and doctors at any time of the day, MedCoach to remind you to take meds
  • Link smartphone app that keeps caregivers informed about the health, safety and location of their family members
  • Built by Samung, one of the most reliable phone manufacturers

Greatcall Jitterbug Touch 3 is not only very simple but also affordable.

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